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DeeOhGee w/ Blind Feline and The Frog Brothers at The Enchanted Forest Live (New Albany)


About This Event

Something to howl about. Matthew, Paige, Zack Murphy and Dylan Whitlow. The ferocious trio that you may have seen as The Blackfoot Gypsies are now and forever wearing a new name tag. Introducing… DeeOhGee. The same vicious riffs, the same adorable faces. These shaggy companions deliver a ferocious and muscular beat, rabid bass lines, high-spirited guitars - all topped off with playful and howling lyrics. DeeOhGee is faithful to the pack of their rock and roll forbears - while happy to take a romp in the countryside. This East Nashville trio melds classic rock, bluegrass, traditional country, and hillbilly psychedelia into a sound that is uniquely their own. Matthew Paige (guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals), Dylan Whitlow (bass, baritone guitar, vocals) and Zack Murphy (percussion, vocals) each bring a virtuosity to their individual roles. The collection exceeds the sum of the parts. Take a walk around the block with DeeOhGee – you’ll find you have a new musical best friend. DeeOhGee’s latest LP “New Way of Life” is set for release in early 2021. NOTE: Must be 21+ to enter The Enchanted Forest Live
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